Piaggio Royal Gull P136-L2

PN40040 Serial #239 is offered for sale.

The Piaggio P136-L2 is an aircraft that many people dream about owning. Your freedom is limited only by your imagination when you are at the controls of this lovely aircraft. Water? Asphalt? A grass strip? You can land at any; hop from Island to Island or use the aircraft as a land based plane; this aircraft operates just as comfortably from land as she does from water. She is an eye-catcher wherever she goes and this aircraft will be sold by Mr. C. Donald Albin of Long Beach, CA soon. For information on the aircraft please contact him on rainbowllc@msn.com. And then, make him an offer. He has come off his fixed price. !

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Can you picture yourself behind the wheel of this fantastic machine? The trees rushing past beneath you? Skimming over *any* lake in the world? You're not limited to hardtop runways any more, any lake or airport could be your destination on a lazy Sunday afternoon! Don't wast any more time, drop Donald a line on: rainbowllc@msn.com and you might well be the next owner of this lovely flying machine!

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